What It Takes To Be A One Percenter – Video #3

I've got another great tip if you want to be a One Percenter in your sales organization.

The very best sales reps ask thoughtful and challenging questions. 

What is a thoughtful question?

That's a question that your customer or potential customer has to think about before they answer. They've got to give that some thought. 

And a challenging question is a question that challenges their current beliefs or perception of things. 

Now, you might be thinking, "Well, should I be challenging, or asking questions that are going to challenge my prospective customers..?"

And the answer is... absolutely!, yes you should. 

You should form good questions that really challenge their current way of doing things and help them to have a feeling of, or sense of discomfort with the current situation they're in so that you can show them how they can make that situation they're in better through your solution to their problem. 

So, put that tip into practice today. Ask thoughtful and challenging questions; questions that are going to make your prospective customers or your current customers think, "Wow! Nobody's ever asked me that type of question before," and that are going to make them feel a little bit of dissatisfaction with their current situation, and that's what will help you to move them out of their current situation into the situation they should be in.

And that's working with you, your product, solution, and company. 

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