awesome sales people

Awesome Sales People Have These Top 5 Characteristics

My purpose in creating this top 5 characteristics of awesome sales people post is to help you be a better sales person. 

So, without wasting your time, here they are:

Modesty - definition: the quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one's abilities. 

Despite what many may believe - that highly successful sales people are self-centered and aggressive - personality tests conducted on sales reps reveal that 91 percent of awesome sales people had medium to high scores of modesty & humility. (source)

Conscientiousness - definition: wishing to do what's right, especially to do one's work well and thoroughly.

85 percent of awesome sales people had high levels of conscientiousness, taking their roles seriously with a deep sense of responsibility for the results they achieve.

Achievement Orientated - 84 percent of awesome sales people have a highly driven and enthusiastic about achieving goals, excelling in their roles and constantly measuring their performance against their goals.

Curiosity - although it may have killed the cat, it's a vital part of the success for awesome sales people. 82 percent of the very best sales people scored extremely high for levels of curiosity. It seems they are natural sponges for exploring and learning new stuff.

Less Outgoing - this one's hard to believe, I know. Nevertheless, awesome sales people were 30 percent less outgoing and sociable than below average sales people. How cool is that?

More Hopeful & Positive90 percent of awesome sale people were categorized as being hopeful and positive and rarely feel sad or discouraged.

Confident - awesome sales people are not afraid to fight for their cause or rankle their customers while doing so. They are willing to challenge the customer's assumptions and mistaken beliefs. 

The evidence suggests that, all other factors being equal, the personality characteristics of top performing sales people play a key role in their success and achievements.