Be Productive Without Being Rushed – Day 2 of 30 Days To Your Best Year Ever

be productive without being rushed

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Be productive without being rushed. Yes, it's possible and it's something you should aim to achieve.

One of the things I would like to suggest you do to get your year off to a great start is to learn to be productive without being rushed. 

It's really great if you can learn to work in a way that you still have enough downtime to refresh yourself, to relax a little bit and recharge.

And one of the things that you'll find helpful in doing that is to make sure that you have your priorities set properly, that's the first thing. 

So, you're going to have periods of time during the day when you really focus, completely, 100 percent on a particular task, but once you've got that task completed you should have some downtime scheduled in there so you can refresh yourself, relax a little bit, and get refocused for the other work that you have ahead. 

And this means that you've gotta learn to say no to the things that really aren't important, things that aren't going to result in giving you the real results that you want. 

So say yes to the things that are vital in order to accomplish whatever your goals are, but learn to say no, otherwise you'll find that you're literally swamped with far too many things to do. 

One of the things that will help is if you block of times for complete focus on your work followed by times of rest, relaxation, and an opportunity to recharge. 

I find that working in about 50-minute work sprints helps me to do that. I'll set a timer, work for 50 minutes on something, and when I do that everything else is turned off so I can completely focus on the task at hand. 

Once the 50 minutes is finished I'll take a 15-minute, complete break from work. If you do that, you'll find that doing 4 or 5 of those 50-minute work sprints every day will help you to be super productive without feeling rushed. 

  • Learn to be productive without being rushed.
  • Set the right priorities.
  • Learn to say no to activities that aren't going to lead you towards your goals.
  • Work in blocks of time with a break in between.

Try these suggestions out and let me know how you do with that. I'd love to hear your comments and please share this video if you liked it.