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Understand Customers Buying Process To Win

Hi LinkedIn, this is Mike Allison from 

Now, if you want to be in the top 1 percent within your sales organization as a sales rep, one of the things that you need to understand is the buying process of your customers. 

Now, it's obvious that sales reps all have a sales process, but you certainly want to look at things from the buyers perspective, and by asking great questions you're going to understand the buyer's perspective. 

You're going to find out what their pain points are and you're going to be able to help them to see how you can solve those pains for them, how you can alleviate them of the issues they're facing. 

Some buyers will take longer to make decisions than others, and that's okay. Some individuals, some customers might want to test out your product or your solution a little bit longer than others. No problem. 

But by focusing on their perspective and by helping them to view you as a partner, and you viewing them as a partner in business together, that's going to help you to have a great relationship with your customers and potential customers, and as you elucidate their pain points and show them the solution, you're going to be actually leading them to making the buying decision.

And the clearer that you can do that for them, to help them see how you can solve their problems and help them achieve the end result, the faster they're going to make the decision to buy from you. 

So, understand your customer's buying processes and that's going to help you to get into the top 1 percent within your sales organization.

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Why The Calgary Stampeders Lost The 2017 Grey Cup Game

This is Mike Allison from Mike Allison Coaching dot com, and in this video I'm going to explain to you exactly what happened to the Calgary Stampeders in this year's Grey Cup; basically the same thing that happened last year. 

So John Hufnagel and Dave Dickenson, if you're watching this, please pay attention and contact me, 'cause you guys need help. 

So watch this video if you want to know what happened to the Stampeders. 

Good Monday morning to all of you, and especially to my friends in Canada, for those of you who were watching the Grey Cup game yesterday, you'll know that the Calgary Stampeders lost - again - to the underdogs. 

For the second year in a row Calgary was the best team in the CFL and they lost the championship game.

Now, I know that lots of you, including lots of "professionals" out there are trying to dissect what really happened and explain how Calgary could have lost again, in the final championship game. 

Well, the answer to that is very simple.

First of all, we know it had nothing to do with the weather, because Toronto had to face the same weather Calgary did. 

It wasn't because there was a lack of talent; Calgary has plenty of talent on their team.

The real reason that Calgary lost the game - again - yesterday, I want you to all pay attention to this, was because their mindset was not prepared to win.

Calgary lost the game - the inner game - the mind game; the mental game, before they ever got on the field. 

Now I know you're sitting there and you're probably thinking, "Ugh, Mike! How can you possibly make such a statement! These people are all professionals. If anybody has the mindset for winning, these pros do."

Not so, and let me explain why I say what I do.

What have Calgary's fans, what have all the sportscasters, what have all the sports pundits, what have all the armchair quarterbacks, and what have Calgary players themselves been talking about since they qualified to get into the Grey Cup this year?

They've all been talking about, or replaying in their minds, what happened to them last year against Ottawa

Now, you get what you think about. 

So they've been replaying what happened last year, and how they've got to redeem themselves this year, and because they've been going over, and over, and over - in their minds - what happened last year, or replaying it, what did they get this year?

They got what they were thinking about!

They got a replay of last year's game. That's very simple.

Now, it's simple, of course, to explain that and to see how that can possibly be true, but it is true. They lost the mental game.

But it's quite another thing to actually completely change your thinking. 

Now, here's another interesting thing. This morning on TSN, one of the well-known sportscasters said that Calgary's going to be replaying this game, that is yesterday's game, over and over again for the next year. 

Now, that's exactly what Calgary's players and management shouldn't be doing. 

They shouldn't be replaying what happened yesterday over and over and over again, because all that's doing is reinforcing that negativity, reinforcing that loss. 

What they should be doing is remembering that there is no failure, there's only feedback. 

And now they need to change their mindset, literally put what happened yesterday away.

Get rid of it.

Stop thinking about it.

Of course learn from it, but now move forward with their game plan for next season.

Because if they continue to replay over and over again what happened yesterday, then they'll get what they're thinking about. 

So that's why they lost.

Now, how does that apply to you if you're not a football player? Maybe you're an entrepreneur, you're a business person and you have a small business, you're a solopreneur, you're a consultant, you're a coach.

You get what you think about.

And if you focus on things that have happened in the past, where you feel you've "failed," then you're simply going to keep repeating those things over and over again, because what you think about becomes your reality.

Instead, you need to put those things behind you and focus on the positive things that you can do right now to succeed this week, next week, this month, next month, and in 2018.

The past is the past. You can't do anything about it.

You've got to do a complete mental detox, and if you want to learn how to do that, all you have to do is click: "The 7-Day Mental Detox," and download it for FREE, because it will completely change your life, both professionally and personally. 

Have a great day and a great week and I'll talk to you again soon.

What It Takes To Be A One Percenter – Video #3

I've got another great tip if you want to be a One Percenter in your sales organization.

The very best sales reps ask thoughtful and challenging questions. 

What is a thoughtful question?

That's a question that your customer or potential customer has to think about before they answer. They've got to give that some thought. 

And a challenging question is a question that challenges their current beliefs or perception of things. 

Now, you might be thinking, "Well, should I be challenging, or asking questions that are going to challenge my prospective customers..?"

And the answer is... absolutely!, yes you should. 

You should form good questions that really challenge their current way of doing things and help them to have a feeling of, or sense of discomfort with the current situation they're in so that you can show them how they can make that situation they're in better through your solution to their problem. 

So, put that tip into practice today. Ask thoughtful and challenging questions; questions that are going to make your prospective customers or your current customers think, "Wow! Nobody's ever asked me that type of question before," and that are going to make them feel a little bit of dissatisfaction with their current situation, and that's what will help you to move them out of their current situation into the situation they should be in.

And that's working with you, your product, solution, and company. 

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What It Takes To Be A One Percenter In Sales – Video #2

If you want to be in the top one percent of all the sales reps within your organization, one of the things you need to learn to do is keep your stress levels under control. 

And one of the ways that you do that is by having a really good, detailed plan for your work each day, so you know what you're going to be doing each hour of each day; you know who you should be talking to, you know how many cold calls you should be making, you know what's in your pipeline, and when you have that kind of a detailed schedule for your work each day, it will really help you to keep your stress levels under control. 

And what you'll find is that the very best reps, the top one percent of sales reps in any organization, tend to be very cool, calm, and collected. And that's because they know what they're doing every day because they've got a great schedule. 

So, put that to work for yourself and get into that one percent, 'cause I know you want to be a One Percenter. 

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Selling Skills To Be A One Percenter

What do you need to do if you want to be in the top one percent of the sales people in your organization; if you want to be a One Percenter?

One of the things you need to do is manage your time efficiently. 

What you'll find is, the very best sales reps know exactly what they're going to be doing for each hour of their day. Everything is planned out down to the finest detail. 

They know who the best prospects are and so they focus their time on the "highest potential" prospects that they have. 

They're also very well prepared for each sales call they do; they know exactly the kind of objections they're going to get and how to overcome them, and that helps to keep them calm, cool, collected, and professional. 

So, if you want to be a One Percenter, make sure that you have your days well-planned, and you know exactly what you're going to be doing during each part of the day. 

And, if you do that, you'll get into the top one percent. 

Happy selling! 

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