Just Suppose You’re A One Percenter

just suppose you're a one percenter

Just suppose you're a one percenter.

You've already achieved an outstanding result in one or more aspects of your life. 

It could be a very personal achievement, like being happily married for more than 63 years, like my parents. 

It could be an achievement related to your career or a business. 

Whatever it is, when people hear about it, they're impressed, even though your motivation for the achievement was never to impress anyone except, perhaps, yourself. 

Just suppose you're a one percenter, and someone were to ask you what it was that lead to the achievement you made?

How would you answer?

Have you actually ever sat down to consider what it was that lead you to achieving "one percenter" status in a particular area of your life?

The High-Performa​nce Habits Of One Percenters

As it turns out, there are specific habits that one percenters share in common. So, if you're a one percenter, have a look at the following and let me know if any of the following habits resonate with you.

1. Clarity & Purpose