7 things you need to know and do now to generate leads, engage your audience and grow your business using LinkedIn

Marketing On LinkedIn – 7 Things You Need To Know And Do Now To Generate Leads, Engage Your Audience and Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

Regardless of the business you’re in, from a large multi-national to a one-person coaching or consulting firm, you can achieve significant results by marketing on LinkedIn.

use linkedin for lead generation

Do you want to generate leads, build brand awareness or establish strategic partnerships?

 Whatever your goals are, LinkedIn will help you connect your brand with  approximately 550 million professionals around the world.

If you’ve been wondering how to get started with marketing on LinkedIn to generate leads, grow your brand and get connected with the right people and companies, you’ve found just WHAT and WHO you need.

Me, because I’m ready to help.

Following are seven tips you can start using immediately to engage your audience and grow your business through LinkedIn.

Tip #1: Marketing on LinkedIn - Everything begins with YOU and your personal LinkedIn profile

If you’re thinking, “I want to market my business, so what’s that got to do with my personal LinkedIn profile,?” you’re not alone.

Many have asked that question.

But remember, in the end, who are you doing business with? 

Other people, right?

We don't do business with companies. We do business with people.

People do business with people. 

This is why I don't like using the term B2B, because you're still going to be engaging with other human beings and not with a "business."

That's why it's vital to start with your LinkedIn profile.

Think of your brand as an appealing and mouth-watering meal. 

Your profile and the profiles of each of your colleagues are the various and unique ingredients making up the

recipe for that appealing and mouth-watering meal.  

What do people see when they come across your profile? 

What differentiates you from your competitors? 

First impressions can be lasting impressions. What will compel someone to silently say, “I want to work with this person,” or “I want to do business with this person,” or “I want to connect with and get to know this person,” when they see your profile?

You’ve got so many opportunities to rouse the interest of your profile viewers. 

Aim for 100 percent profile completeness. 

As time passes you can tweak your profile, adding new achievements, skills, and examples of your most outstanding work.

Tip #2. Create a compelling LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page is like the “personal” profile for your business, even if that business is just you all by your lonesome. 

What will compel someone to say to themselves, “I want to contact this company,” or “We want to get this company working for us?”

Your company page should teach prospects more about the problems you solve, the services your company offers, your employees, as well as provide opportunity for prospects to engage with relevant content. 

You’ll find more tips for creating and managing your LinkedIn Company Page below. In the meantime, start your LinkedIn marketing by creating a Company Page for your business. 

Company pages are free for everyone. 

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Marketing On LinkedIn Tip #3. Clarify Your Target Market, Niche & Goals 

Your target market is WHO you help and your niche is HOW you help them. Your GOALS should be lead generation and brand awareness.   

For example:

Your company sells a simple and easy-to-use CRM APP for sales teams and you want sales representatives to try it, knowing if they do they’ll likely recommend it to their managers.

Your goal would be to raise awareness of your CRM APP among LinkedIn members having job titles like “sales representative” or “account manager,” etc.

Tip #4. Make Your Company Page Search Engine Friendly

A successful Company Page needs an audience. Following are two tips to attract an audience to your LinkedIn Company Page.

First, make your Company Page search engine friendly. Regardless of how your audience finds it, great SEO (Engine Optimization) can help your ideal prospects find your page, e.g. people searching for the exact solution, service or product you sell. 

Here are three ways you can optimize your Company Page to make it search engine friendly.

Use Keywords.

Which words or phrases would your ideal prospects use when searching for the solution, service or product you sell? Use those keywords in your company profile information so they clearly represent WHO you help and HOW you help them.  

Link to your Company Page. 

Boost your ranking in search by creating links from your website, blog and/or other marketing materials to your Company Page. 

Also, check if the LinkedIn profiles of your staff and colleagues are current. Adding your company to their work experience sections will create a link back to your Company Page.

Consistently share relevant content with your audience. Updates published on your Company Page will appear on your public page, and Google likes indexing that type of content. More frequency and more engagement by your followers equals higher search engine rankings for your Company Page.

Tip #5. Go Get More Followers

More followers of your Company Page equals an expanded reach for each update you publish. 

Therefore, it’s important to get more people to follow your Company Page, and here’s some tips for achieving that:


  • Make sure your employees are following your Company Page. They should be your best evangelizers for sharing your content within their networks. 
  • Promote, promote and promote your Company Page everywhere you can.

Send your customers and key partners an invitation to follow your Company Page as well as politely asking readers of your blog posts, newsletters and emails to follow it. 

Does your website have a “Follow” button for your LinkedIn Company Page yet? If not, here’s a link to the LinkedIn Follow Company Plugin Generator. Go get yours right now!

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Tip #6. Satisfy Your Audience With Engaging Content

Your target audience wants to see engaging content, so avoid being salesy, because LinkedIn users don’t enjoy that. 

Provide lots of value with each piece of content you publish. Be helpful, positive and inspiring. 

Help your audience do their jobs better, easier, faster. Answer their questions and help them solve their problems and get over, around, under or through their challenges. 

And besides creating, publishing and promoting your own content, remember to share a generous portion of insightful and engaging content produced by others. 

Fresh ideas and thoughts from leaders in your field are also of great value to your audience. Publishing this type of content on your Company Page can help you to quickly grow your ideal followers.

“Buyers are looking for ways to solve their problems and avoid pain.”

When you provide fresh ideas and perspectives to help them do those  two things they’ll be drawn to your products and services.  

Here are two things to share: 

Your viewpoints on the latest news and trends in your industry.

Products and services that will help your followers solve their problems and avoid pain. 

Tip #7. People Love Videos and Images - So Use Them

Text combined with images and video are much better at communicating a message or telling a story than text alone.

People love videos and images so use them!

I want to see you succeed on LinkedIn, because it’s a marketing and branding beast.

Put these seven tips into practice, be consistent and patient and watch your business take off.

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