Would you like to know how to make a massive mindset shift so you start achieving your Big Hairy Audacious Goals faster than you ever dreamed possible?

"If you want to obliterate the fears and habits hampering your success, even if nothing has worked for you in the past..."

"Give Me Just 4 Sessions, and I'll Show You How to Smash Through the Mental Blocks that Are Preventing You From Making More Money and Having a Lot More Fun In Life!"
"Each Session Lasts Just 45 Minutes. I'll Walk You Through 8 Mindset Shifting Techniques -- But Just One of Them Can Create a Potent Mindset So You Get the Massive Gains In Your Personal and Business Lives that You Deserve!"

Hard to believe? Let me prove it to you. If my Massive Mindset Shift! program doesn't help you take complete control of your thinking and enable you to master every area of your life, I'll refund 100% of your purchase on the spot...

Imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning knowing the "potent formula" to quickly and easily turn your dreams into reality. You'll be tingling with excitement because you've finally got the right "mindset" to achieve any goal you desire.

And to top it all off, once you complete my program, you'll achieve health, wealth and happiness in ways completely aligned with your values and higher purpose. Finally, you'll be securely in control of your destiny.

And even after you finish the program, all it takes is a minimum of 5 minutes per day to continue boosting your 'success mindset,' over and over again...

You see, this is unlike any "success thinking" program you've ever heard of or purchased in the past.

Why? Because once the quick and easy techniques I'm going to teach you become embedded, you'll automatically, without needing to think about it, use them to improve any area of your life.

The fact is, once you know how to shift your mindset, and use the techniques on your own ... you'll ...

- Get super focused so you achieve your goals faster than you ever dreamed possible (you'll feel highly stimulated each time you set a new goal!).

- Achieve peak mental and physical energy (you'll feel fantastic and get a lot more pleasure out of life!)

- Attract endless business and money-making opportunities (you won't be worried about where your next paycheque is coming from)

- Smash your self-limiting beliefs into dust (you'll know the minute you're rid of them)

- Turn your subconscious mind into a potent manifestation machine (it will be switched on to turn all your dreams into reality).

- Dramatically increase your intuition (and make better decisions faster than you ever have)


Believe me, my Massive Mindset Shift Program will free you from the shackles of your subconscious blockers - -  so you're empowered to get the life you want and deserve...

From: Mike Allison

Wednesday, August 7, 2018 at 15:23 pm

Dear Friend,

45 minutes from now, you could have eliminated all of your self-limiting beliefs towards success - - - right where you're sitting at this very moment...

And 6 months from now, you could have achieved more of your business and personal goals than you ever have before - - - and this very letter could have been the most important turning point of your life...

Or ... you could get sucked into the ever widening vortex of people who refuse to grasp the opportunity to change their lives once and for all...

It's up to you.

Let me explain...

My name is Mike Allison. I've been studying and using a blindingly simple -- but miraculously effective -- "mindset shifting technology" that anyone, including you, can use to...

Quickly Remove the Most Persistent, 

Deep-Rooted Self-Limiting Beliefs and

Instantly Change Them Into Miraculous Results!

... and what I've learned (and taught to all of my clients) ... literally ... continues to amaze me, over and over again!

Now, I know this isn't going to win me any popularity contests, but I know that you don't need to struggle through years and years of ...

- Thinking "positive" thoughts

- Wrestling mentally to "want it" more

- Learning complex "psychological" techniques

- Taking one step back for every two steps of forward progress

- Working harder than you already are

- Reading yet another book on "the power of positive thinking"...

... simply to attract the success you deserve into your life! You know as well as I do that too many people to count work extremely hard and take massive action, but never achieve the dreams they long for...

The fact is, when it comes to creating the life they want and deserve, I've realized that...

Almost Everyone Endeavours to Create 

The Life They Want the HARD Way!

​​But I've got good news for you: there is a significantly easier, heaps more fun, and tremendously more powerful way.

But before I continue with that, let me tell you about myself, because the fact is that I haven't always had a great mindset, nor was I always the type of person who consistently achieved big goals.... in fact... there were times in my life when I was the exact opposite to that type of person.

You see, as far back as my mid teens, I had a reputation for starting stuff and never finishing it, and I believe that it's due to my "shiny object syndrome." 

Yes, believe it or not

In fact, I can vividly recall my parents saying things like, "Michael, why don't you just finish xxx first, before you start yyy."

Anyone ever said something like that to you, or have you ever say something like that to yourself?

Fact is, after working with hundreds of clients and groups in more than 15 countries, I know you can ...

Get The Life You Want ... Simply by Using Something You're

Already Using Every Single Day and That Is ... 

The Immense Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Huh? I know what you're thinking. It sounds absolutely crazy, right? 

But just think...

  • What if you could obliterate the fears blocking your success in 5 short minutes?
  • What if the lack of fun and money in your life was simply a mental block - - - that you could get rid of in just minutes?  
  • Wouldn't it be miraculous if you had a tested and proven technique for instantly removing even the most persistent negative beliefs?

I'm guessing your answer was "Yes!"

And here's the thing ... if thousands of people around the world hadn't  been able to completely change their lives using this intriguing and simple technique, I'd think it was a bunch of "quackery" too!

But, believe me, this really works. What about people who've struggled their entire lives to overcome self-doubt? You better believe it, this works for them, too. And this isn't just theory pushed by some wild-eyed "quack." This is scientifically proven.

How do I know this?

Because over and over again people come to me who are struggling to overcome their fears and mental blockers.

But once I took someone by the hand and walked them through this delightfully simple mental exercise...

An Incredible Transformation Took Place

And Success Began to Flow Into 

All Areas of Their Lives!  

What's the secret? I'll tell you in a moment, but first you need to know that...

The secret I'm referring to has been used and is currently used by many of the world's most successful people ... like Oprah Winfrey, Derren Brown, Tony Robbins, Russell Brand and even Warren Buffet.

I know what you're thinking. "That's great for those kinds of people. They're already hugely successful. What about ordinary people like me?" 

Listen to me. If these techniques only helped the rich get richer, the famous get more fame and the immensely successful achieve more success, I wouldn't do this job.

What really gets me revved up, more than anything else, is everyday people -- perhaps like you -- who achieve extraordinary results and success.

Results that blow them away... like finally turning their lifelong dreams into reality. Results that transformed their lives... like increasing their income so they never have to worry about money again. And just like them, once you learn these techniques, you'll: 

  • Discover how to get super focused on what you want to get 
  • Experience mind-blowing "mindset shifts" to attract the life you want   
  • Understand the specific words and phrases that are blocking your success
  • check
    See how your beliefs create your reality
  • check
    Dramatically elevate your joy in life and feelings of well-being
  • check
    Have a "do-it-yourself" success system you can access anytime, anywhere
  • check
    Create a stunningly positive experience of well-being and peace

Many of these folks didn't have much faith that anything could help them to overcome their mental blockers and turn their lives and businesses around.

And...I really don't want to boast...but everyone has said this was the best investment they'd ever made in themselves. You see...

There are thousands of success 

stories (see below)...

​​Like Grace R., who said: "I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for a truly transformational experience and for the dedication you show. I feel a glow and power inside of me that I've never felt before – and I've finally learned to trust my intuition again and just be myself. Thanks so much."

Vera Z. said: “I already had a basic idea about these techniques for making massive mindset shifts, but your knowledge, patience and attentiveness is what created a turning point for me. You made it super easy to grasp complex ideas and I'm ready to start using what I've learned with my own clients as well as on a daily basis in my personal life and business."

Jennifer G. said: "WOW! is pretty much all I can say! This opened up my heart like nothing else to completely new possibilities for me in both my business and personal life. You're the most inspiring person I've ever worked with Mike. Thanks from the bottom of my heart and the top of my head. :)"

Mark R: “I am not certain how to begin this note, except to say a big thanks for enabling me to make such huge personal breakthroughs in my thinking that have completely changed me for the better and boosted my self-confidence like never before. This has been a priceless experience and is the best investment I've ever made in my personal development. Thanks again Mike!"

What do these people, just ordinary folks like you and me, have in common?

They all learned my Massive Mindset Shifting System, based on...  

Ground-breaking Techniques That 

Take Just Seconds to Work But

Give a Lifetime of Greater Happiness and Success

You won't find my unique approach to "mindset shifting" anywhere else. Many have said that my methods have helped them cut through more self-limiting beliefs and mental blocks faster than anything they had ever tried.

This is definitely NOT just self-help, pop psychology, positive thinking, goal setting or any of the other "usual suspects" of personal development.

And if you keep reading...I'm going to reveal to YOU why this amazingly simple (yet miraculously effective) system empowers you to: 

  • Smash through self-limiting beliefs that have hampered your success for years
  • Heal deep-rooted emotional problems in minutes 
  • Focus like a laser beam on getting exactly what you want, and unbelievably fast
  • check
    Create a tsunami of abundance in all areas of your life
  • check
     Skyrocket your self-confidence
  • check
    Attract unlimited prosperity and happiness into your life

Before I tell you WHY this works so amazingly, I want to tell you about an experiment I did recently.

I was working with one of my clients who, after being in the corporate world for years, is now doing her own gig.

During one of our coaching conversations, she explained to me how difficult it was to prospect for business... because she felt like she was asking for a handout from people... and she was afraid she was asking too much money for her program.

So, I had her use a very simple, do-it-yourself technique that completely healed her of her fear and obliterated her mental block in less than 15 minutes... and guess what?

She completey eliminated her fear of prospecting... and now she has 100% and complete confidence that her programs are a highly valuable investment of her client's money and time.

Because most people want to break through these kinds of barriers, and attract more money and fun, I figured that I'd share the same simple, easy to use techniques to help people like you achieve the same amazing results fast!

I call it the Massive Mindset Shift Bootcamp!, and it just might be the most unique success attracting program ever created.

And because my techniques can be used by anyone who learns them without having a "guru" present...it's by far...

The most affordable and proven way to 

get the life you want!

Now I know what you're thinking. "Why does my Massive Mindset Shift program work so much better than all of the other programs out there?"

I'm so pleased you asked that question.

You see, science has absolutely confirmed that the most amazing and powerful thing in the entire known universe is....the human brain...and the mind that the human brain makes possible.

And if you don't know how to actually run your own brain so you can consistently control the immense power of your thoughts and beliefs, then no matter how many self-help or success programs you try...

As long as your mindset blocks your potential to 

get the life you want and attract success for you 

you'll never actually realize those things!

The point is: Success and failure are merely two aspects of the same source. (Read that one again to get it into your head!)

Success is simply the manifestation of your internal beliefs about abundance, what you believe you deserve and what you are capable of achieving. They're all part of the same "miraculous system."

The Massive Mindset Shift Program quickly and easily unlocks the unlimited potential for success to come flooding into your life. And believe me, once you've obliterated those mental blocks...

Abundance and success just flows into your life 

like a flash flood of water running downhill!

Here's a fact, just knowing how powerful your mind and its thoughts are won't Do It. (it doesn't matter how many times you've watched The Secret).

You need an actual technique to quickly and easily take control of your thoughts and change your mindset.

And that's exactly what my coachees get.

Just look at what some say: 

"I've learned more about myself through Mike's coaching and have already made more changes than I ever dreamed was possible so quickly and easily." James P.

“Excellent program and great support from Mike. If you desire to work more effectively with people and want to improve your focus and clarity to make your goals a reality, then get Mike on your side." Kevin L.

"Michael is, without any doubt, one of the most dynamic and caring coaches I've ever worked with. If you're ready to make real change in your life, hire Mike. Nicky L. 

 As you can see, what these people experienced and you will experience too, was life transforming. 

I hold nothing back when you are in my program.

You will learn:

  • How to clear psychological blocks to your success
  • The real secret to improving your financial situation
  • Why verbalizing negative beliefs - not just affirmations - is a potent formula for releasing self-limiting emotions
  • check
    How your subconscious mind blocks your energy systems - and enslaves you to emotions that hinder your success
  • check
    How to finally release the "hidden" beliefs you have about success, happiness and wealth.
  • check
    The way to massively increase your mental and physical energy and put a big smile on your face

There is one more thing I need to tell you about. It's what I call the potentcy of the "collective mindset."

Right now, you're saying to yourself, what's that?

It's an additional amazing benefit of the Massive Mindset Bootcamp. Because you'll have an entire group to support you and cheer you on ... going through the same exact challenges ... and seeking to smash to pieces their limiting beliefs.

Which raises an important question:

Which of these self-limiting beliefs do you suffer from?

  • "I'm not cut out for sales"
  • "I don't deserve to be successful"
  • "I don't have any good business ideas"
  • "I'm not smart enough to run my own business"
  • "I'm not as smart as Bill Gates"
  • "I'm not as confident as Tony Robbins"
  • "I'll never be able to get into great shape"
  • "I can't change my life"

If you're like the majority of people, you said "I say those things to myself all the time."

Here's a fact you need to know. Almost everyone has been programmed to believe those kinds of things about themselves. Yes... I said programmed.

In a similar way to a computer being programmed to do certain things, your mind has been programmed... by your environment and what you've been taught... to believe certain things about yourself.

But what you'll be learning during the Massive Mindset Shift Bootcamp is that every single thing you believe about yourself... what you believe you can or can't do... is actually your subconscious mind trying to protect you from harm. And it's just being overly cautious about keeping you in a safe place.

Imagine if you could reprogram your brain

and develop a "Success & Abundance

Operating System" that made the

miraculous seem ordinary!

Wouldn't it be fantastic to identify the exact words and phrases that block your success? Don't you yearn to learn exactly how to instantly change your mindset and get the life you want?

Just imagine that these statements became the "language" of your Success & Abundance Operating System (and deep within, you were 100% convinced of their truth!):

  • "I can sell with ease"
  • "I owe it to the world to be successful"
  • "I have an abundance of great business ideas"
  • "I have all the resources to run my own business at my fingertips"
  • "Bill Gates said everyone needs a coach"
  • "My confidence is going to rapidly increase as I achieve goal after goal after goal"
  • "I am in the best shape of my life"
  • "I am getting exactly the life that I want"

Most of us are operating in "default" mode with the "operating system" that our parents gave to us and that their parents gave to them... and that a significant part of our environment has also programmed into us.

Unfortunately, many of the things we believe are lies! Faulty thinking. An illusion... and passed on from generation to generation.

What no one told you is that once you know how to run your own brain and have the power to instantly change your mindset...

You become 100% "optimized" for success and

attracting whatever you want into your life! 

​​You just "flip a switch" that shifts your mind into a "success and abundance frequency"...that just cannot be held at bay. Look at what happened to these people:

"When I started working with Mike I was new to sales and I couldn't close any sales with my customers... but immediately after working with Mike I received my very first orders...and significant ones, at that! Thanks Mike." 

"I wasn't simply lacking self-confidence, I had absolutely none. I would literally shake so hard and was so terrified about presenting in front of a group that I would start to cry. Two sessions... just two sessions with Mike literally changed my life. It's like a literal miracle. Thanks Mike!"

Now that you've got all the PROOF you need that my program works, I know you're wondering exactly what you'll get when you enrol in the Massive Mindset Shift Bootcamp.

Here's an Overview of What You'll Get 

When You Invest in Yourself and Enrol in

the Massive Mindset Shift Bootcamp Today:

MMSB Module #1: "The Limiting Beliefs Obliterator." ($259 Value)

(This module alone is worth more than the price of my entire program)

You will learn the core limiting beliefs, fears and habits that prevent people from achieving the success they desire and deserve to have.

Think you don't deserve to make more money? Success lies outside of your reach? Believe you don't have the smarts to successfully run your own business? Believe that you Just need to work harder? If you just think more positively and read more self-help books, success will come?

Beliefs and only beliefs are covered here and you will obliterate them forever. This is potent, life-transforming stuff - it's like dynamite!

MMSB Module #2: "The Merit Multiplier" ($259 Value)

You can't get the life you want until you believe you merit (deserve) it... which means developing a positive self-image and confidence that cannot be shaken. 

Sadly, too many people have low self-esteem. And low self-esteem is guaranteed to squash-like-a-cockroach any attempt at achieving success. And you ain't no cockroach!

Fact: Modules 1 and 2 alone can completely turn your life around so you get exactly what you want.

Many of my clients have paid hundreds of dollars for the techniques you're going to learn and benefit from in these two modules alone. But, being the generous person that I strive to be with everyone I meet: 

I'm Also Throwing in These Success 

& Abundance Attractor Bonuses:

MMSB Module #3: "Clear As Crystal" ($197.00 Value)

Most people don't have any goals...and often the people who do, have goals that are way too general in nature...like, "I want to make more money," or "I want to be happier," or "I want to travel the world."

The problem with these types of goals is that they are NOT specific enough to create any hope of them every being achieved. How much money do you want to make, specifically? What does happiness look, feel, sound, smell and taste like to you? How will you know when you're truly happy? Where in the world would you like to go first and when do you want to go there?  

In "Getting Crystal Clear" you will learn the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHEN of goal-setting and we'll work together so you get them recorded and announced.

MMSB Module #4: "Act To Achieve" ($197.00 Value)

Goals without an action plan are not goals...they're simply dreams. In order to manifest your dreams as reality you need a solid action plan so you know exactly what you should be doing each and every day to get to your destination. 

In this module you will design a practical plan that you can immediately put into action so you begin to see quick and lasting change and progress towards getting the life you want.

This may just have you "grinning from ear to ear" as you set out to achieving the success and abundance you've only dreamed about until now.

But that's not all!

I've Still Got Two Incredible Bonuses for You! 

The 7-Day Mental Detox PDF ($27 Value)

This is the simple but challenging way to unlock your potential. You may do whatever you want with this PDF, as long as you don't change any of the contents. If you want to pass it on to any of your family, friends or colleagues because you believe they will benefit from it, be my guest.

Read it first, though. You'll love it and once you do the 7-Day Mental Detox you'll understand why I wrote it.

45-Minute One-on-One Private Coaching Call ($275 Value)

I know, I know! I've saved the best for last, right? You're eyes are not deceiving you...because I really am going to give you a V.I.P., one-on-one coaching call so you have the opportunity to work with me privately... no one else present... just you and I to focus on whatever you want to focus on during our 45-minute call. 

This is incredible stuff and to say you're getting some high quality payoff doesn't come close to what I'm offering here. You're getting over $1200 in total value! (My wife thinks I'm nuts)

But the REAL VALUE is in the outcomes you're going to achieve once you use the techniques I'm going to teach you.

In fact, many of my clients achieve their goals within just months. And nearly every person I've helped has discovered that they are capable of levels of success and abundance far beyond their wildest dreams... transforming... to...

A truly satisfying and fulfilling life!

As you can see, the value of this bootcamp is priceless. If you were to put a lifetime value on it, how much do you think it would be worth? Easily tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars, right?

My wife told me to sell it for $997. But then I told her about my vision for the Massive Mindset Shift Bootcamp, we both agreed: $597 was the fairest price.

Considering that you're getting 4 modules (along with 4 group coaching calls), as well as The 7-Day Mental Detox PDF worth $27 and... a V.I.P. one-on-one coaching call with me -- $597 is more than fair.

Now, I bet you can barely wait to get started on the Massive Mindset Shift Bootcamp, but allow me to tell you something very personal about this program...

My Personal Confession About Massive Mindset Shift

Before I bare my soul, allow me to say that this speaks to the root of why I do this work.

It's quite personal, so please suspend your judgement when you read it.

Massive Mindset Shift isn't just about getting what you want.

Naturally, if you use the techniques I'm going to teach you, it's likely you're going to quickly attract the success and abundance you've been searching for.

But ultimately, Massive Mindset Shift is about...

  • Eliminating the blocks to full empowerment and conscious living 
  • Enabling you to help yourself and those around you
  • Sharing the success and abundance mindset around the world -- and creating a better life for everyone

So, it's not only about getting what you want, per se, but about how you, in turn, share your success and abundance with others. 

It's about smashing each and every mental block you

have towards success, living with purpose ... and...

making a positive contribution to society.

Achieving success and getting the life you want is a powerfully effective way of being in control of your life, something we all desire, and is much more enjoyable and satisfying when we use our success and abundance to help others. 

Okay, now here we are and I'm sure you're wondering: 

Will the Massive Mindset Shift Program Work for ME?

  • Will your mindset transform?
  • Will you improve your own life and the lives of those around you?
  • Will you be creating a much bigger positive impact in the world?

My answer? Emphatically YES! However, just in case you're not 100% convinced, I'm taking all of the risk out of this for you.

Your No-Questions-Asked, Risk-Free

Money-Back Guarantee: 

If you don't quickly and easily experience a complete elimination of your self-limiting beliefs within 28 days (4 weeks) from your purchase, let me know and I will refund all of your money - no questions asked.

Clearly, this is a winning guarantee with absolutely no risk to you.

There's only one question to answer:

Are you finally ready to obliterate your self-limiting beliefs? Or are you, like most people, going to continue letting your fears hamper the success you deserve to experience now? 

The intriguing thing about this is, if you're still fearful... like right at this moment... you will learn how to completely eliminate that feeling, once and for all, on our very first call.

How ironic would it be to not invest in the exact program that will help you smash through your mental blocks towards success and abundance... because those mental blocks aren't allowing you to take action right now?

The choice is yours... right now, at this very moment... to make!

But hey, I've been where you are right now. And I know how difficult those self-limiting beliefs and bad habits can be to break. So...

Let me make you an offer you 

just can't refuse.

I want to make this a no-brainer for you because I know this program is going to transform your life in miraculous ways. 

Here's the offer: Invest in yourself today and you get the entire 4-week Massive Mindset Bootcamp, plus the bonuses... including a 45-minute V.I.P. One-on-One Coaching Call with me - - for just $497.00.

I really, really don't want anyone -- including you, my friend -- to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to attract success, abundance and joy into your life.

But this special offer is only available for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the price goes back to $597.00... I'm not joking! 



Mike Allison