Mike Allison - CMOE Certified 8-Step Coach  Licensed NLP Business Practitioner

I'm honoured that you've come this far. I'm ready to work with you and help you get on track to 
selling faster, and increasing your productivity.

How will you benefit from my coaching?

  • You'll get a massive boost in productivity.  
  • Achieve more in 4 hours than you're currently doing in 8.
  • Learn to sell faster so you reduce your sales cycles.
  • Work less and make more MONEY.
  • Have more FREE time to do whatever else you want to do.

Is there something else you'd like to achieve?

 That's no problem. We can design a customized coaching program tailored to your needs. 

Ready to talk? Contact me now: 

Email: mike@mikeallisoncoaching.com

Mobile: +1 204 806 2977

 I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Here's what others say...

Sidney Lewis

Prior to working with Mike I was challenged with closing my clients. I had the leads and client base but no formal training. I chose to begin working with Mike based on our initial conversations about where I wanted my career to go and how his program could help me achieve my goals. The format and factors I implemented from Mike's coaching provided the tools for me to be effective with clients and ultimately close sales. Mike's coaching is a mix between developmental and solution focused. We were able to identify my strengths and weaknesses to set clear goals and help me grow as a sales representative. Mike tailored our conversations to my availability and was honest every step of the way.

Nicky Li - Head of Membership ACCA China

"Without a doubt, Michael is absolutely one of the best coaches/trainers I have ever had the privilege to work with. He will help you quickly develop new and better habits and achieve more in 30 days than you can imagine."

Nicole Akers - Health Advocate Author - Blogger

"Mike is a positive, upbeat coach who will hold you to your deadlines and to your goals, and do everything possible to help you reach them. He makes himself available in addition to scheduled calls. Mike wants you to succeed. Get him in your corner today if you are ready to succeed online."